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Here at VAA HQ we are always looking for initiative ways to stay connected! We’re proud of our community and welcome all visual artists to join!

We have something for all artists here, from our Emerging Artists Award to our Commissions Grant. By looking through the following tabs you will be able to find what best suits you.

We look forward to having you a part of our community!

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COVID-19 Commissions Grant

Artists will be able to apply for a fund of £200, from an initial grant of £10,000. The first phase of applications are open from 8th June and will close on 13th July as part of the Covid-19 international initiative #CreateArt4Hope.


Thousands of Artists have come together to share their artwork across social media platforms, to create art that raises hope and highlights beauty in these uncertain times.

The VAA Emerging Artists Award

Artists based in the UK and internationally are invited to apply for this year’s competition with a prize fund worth £3,000.