Alan Yaffe, Susie Hall and Kim Barsky

The Space Between Thoughts is an exhibition of Abstract Art in which three UK abstract artists have collaborated to show their unique and individual approaches to the genre. Abstract Art encourages the viewer to engage their imagination and emotions. It does not represent reality as the eye sees it, but instead shows, in many cases, how the artist’s subconscious responds to that reality, transforming it into a visual representation.

“Contemporary artists’ Alan Yaffe, Susie Hall and Kim Barsky are similarly inspired and driven by a love of colour and form”

Contemporary artists’ Alan Yaffe, Susie Hall and Kim Barsky are similarly inspired and driven by a love of colour and form. Their paintings are guided by their intuition, imagination, feelings and observations. The ‘space’ referred to in the exhibition’s title are those moments when, during the painting process, decisions are made, perhaps subliminally, before continuing. Those decisions become the ‘thoughts’ which allow progress to continue and which become the next stroke of the brush, the next shape, line or colour.

Much research has been done which proves the advantages of living with art in our homes and in the workplace, too. It is now known that it is good for our well-being and mental health. It has even been said that Abstract Art helps us to ‘…tap into our feelings and shifts our cognitive state away from concrete details and towards abstract ideas.’ (Daphna Shohamy, associate professor of psychology, Columbia University; Emma Betuel, inverse.com).

Yaffe, Hall and Barsky are all self-taught artists, passionate about their art and with many years’ experience. They continue to develop their practices and add to their eclectic bodies of work. All have exhibited widely and sold work internationally. Space Between Thoughts Exhibition is a rare opportunity to view three contrasting yet cohesive approaches to Abstract Art.

Where? Camden Image Gallery | 174 Royal College Street | London NW1 0SP

When? Tuesday 8th June – Sunday 13th June 2021, 11.00am – 6pm (PV times TBA)

Contact E: elena@camden-image-gallery.co.uk T: 07949 661450