Welcome To The Visual Artists Association

The Visual Artists Association is a professional body for artists across the UK. Join to gain access to a huge range of membership benefits, knowledge and experience. The VAA offers an easy and direct approach to help you grow your art business, to successfully distribute and sell your art with the reassurance of continual mentoring and peer support. The VAA gives members the right tools to succeed, including; access to a range of training, business advice services, online resources, events, as well as access to a supportive community.

What We Do

VAA champion artists at all stages of their careers to succeed in the business of art. We don’t believe that the cultural myth of the “impoverished artist” needs to exist. Instead, you will find VAA assisting artists in building their businesses by generating sales via marketing and distribution channels (self-representation, galleries, publishers) as well as advising on personal brand creation, alongside the practicalities of managing your arts business.

VAA offers members the right tools to succeed including; access to a range of training, business advice services, online resources, events, as well access to a supportive and progressive community. The Association is open to new and emerging artists as well as established artists.

Our Vision

The VAA’s vision is to build the world’s leading professional artist community to leave a legacy of artists who ultimately fulfil their career potential and make a living from selling their talent.

Our Mission

The VAA’s mission is to transform Artists lives by offering a clear pathway to succeed commercially in their art business, giving them more time to create.

Our Values

  • Creative – We embrace new ways of thinking and push boundaries to challenge conventional ideas to meet or exceed expectations of our customers.
  • Ethical – We are committed to dealing with everyone with honesty, fairness and integrity at all times.
  • Passion – We approach every day with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. We share an innate desire to grow, learn and challenge ourselves.
  • Pride – We take pride in what we do. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and better serve those around us.
  • Teamwork – We are respectful and supportive of one another. We lead and learn from each other in innovation and knowledge.
  • Community – We recognise that we are part of a larger community, and we measure our success against how we benefit the community (both artists and society overall).

VAA Key Questions

Why has the Visual Artists Association been formed?

Our development board identified a need for a professional body to support visual Artists at all stages of their career. Artists are able to benefit from access to business services, learning best practices and being part of a wider artists’ community of peers and mentors.

How do I access the members platform?

Members are given a login and password to access the website platform.

What is the Events Programme?

The VAA hosts regular networking events throughout the UK. There are online training webinars covering key business skills, including sales, marketing and PR for artists. The VAA Annual Summit Conference takes place for membership and association professionals, giving the opportunity to hear the latest artist-focused achievements and the best practice insight/advice.

What is The VAA Vault?

A series of articles, guides and templates are available covering key business areas; Legal, Accounts, Marketing, Sales and also the practicalities of artwork distribution.

What is the Trade Directory?

Members have access to a database of galleries, publishers and suppliers.

How will I receive my insurance documents?

Members are able to view their insurance policy documents online by logging into the website platform.

Will I be able to promote my own events to members?

Members are able to publish their events to members in the VAA online portal. The VAA also promotes a selection of members events via its social media channels.  

What happens if I wish to cancel my membership?

Members can cancel their membership in the online portal or by contacting the VAA team by phone or email.

The VAA works with Artists at all stages of their careers, from new and emerging to prolific established Artists. Members artistic disciplines mainly range from Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Photography, Print making, Ceramics and Mixed Media. We are an inclusive arts membership organisation and welcome new members.